I've had my pacman frog, his name is bubba, for about a week now and he's about the size of a half dollar. On his first day I made the mistake of having wood chips in his tank which i thought he had ingested. 2 days later he had pooped fine each day and was pretty active. (As much as a pacman frog can be) so I assumed he never ingested it, regurgitated it or passed it fine. Now, 5 days later he hasn't eaten anything. I've tried hand feeding him crickets in his tank and put him in a separate bin to let him hunt on his own. Neither worked. He either jumps over top of the crickets or just closes his eyes. There doesn't seem to be any swelling, bleeding or anything that I can tell to be worrying. He just won't eat. However, if I touch his belly, towards the chest area there is something hard. Since I don't know the anatomy of these frogs I'm assuming its his chest bone but Im also worried that this could be some sort of material he ingested. It doesn't seem to be purtruding through the skin and you definitely can't see it by looking. It's just a hard spot compared to the sides where he is soft. if any one can give me any information on this It would be very helpful! I'm trying to avoid another vet trip right now

now my second question is since he's not eating anything how can I get calcium in him in the meantime? This is crucial to know because even if I do have to take him to a vet, it won't be for a few days. I have calcionate syrup by RUGBY for my bearded dragon. Would I be able to soak him with that or try dripping a drop or 2 in his mouth? Or does that sort of thing not work on amphibians? And Could I do any sort of water bath mixed with something else to provide nutrients for him?

Please help my bubba guys I appreciate any advice you can give !