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Thread: Another question about my WTF

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    I sorry I have only had my frog for a few days so I'm still learning but I was wondering I keep seeing all these pictures of White's Tree frog and they are this beautiful green, my Jack is mostly a dark emerald green with with spots does that mean he's not happy? I also noticed in the morning he is very very dark green, and truthfully I thought that was because of instinct to blend in at night so as not to be noticed by preditors. So my question is Is my Jack not happy or is his dark emerald color in the natural scope of colors for White's?

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    White's like to change color. What kind of spots are you noticing? If yours is a nice darker bluish green, perhaps you have the blue phase. Is the color you are describing like this?

    As he settles in, you'll get to whatever color he likes.
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    right now, my Jack is so green he looks black, but he does have a blueish hue to him when he lightens up. The spots are silver in color are they bad?

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    Would have to see the spots. One of my whites has some white spots on his sides.

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    Yeah, some White's just have white spots as part of their coloring. A picture would help, but it may be nothing to worry about.

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