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Thread: Marcgravia bronze, very rare, orchids, floating plants etc.....

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    Default Marcgravia bronze, very rare, orchids, floating plants etc.....

    Here are a variety of plants I have available. Most of these are good for dart frog or small frogs in small vivariums. But not all.

    Shipping is extra,

    Buy 5 plants get the cheapest one free.

    If you want larger plants, longer clippings or whatever just ask I might be able to. Also if you double the price I will give you 3 clippings on some of the lower priced plants.

    Click on the links below to do a google image search for the plant. They are not links to my own pictures they and they may even be incorrect, just depends on what google hits. But it is still very convenient if you are not familiar with all the plants to have this.

    Begonia glabra Clipping $2
    Begonia rex Dark green / black / red Plant $4
    Begonia rex Green purple large Plant $4
    Begonia rex Red / green mixed small Plant $4
    Begonia rex Red medium low hair Plant $4
    Begonia rex Red small low hair Plant $4
    Begonia serratipetala Plant $8
    Begonia thelmae Clipping $2
    Bulbophyllum biflorum 3+ Psuedobulb Division $12
    Bulbophyllum laxiflorum 3+ Psuedobulb Division $10
    Dendrobium cucumerinum 3+ Psuedobulb Division $25
    Dendrobium oligophyllum 3+ Psuedobulb Division $10
    Dischidia ovata Clipping $7
    Epidendrum difforme 3+ Psuedobulb Division $15
    Epipremnum aureum varigated Clipping $2
    Episcia Brown leaves red flowers Clipping $3
    Ficus radicans Clipping $4
    Hemigraphis alternata dark green / purple Plant $2
    Hemigraphis alternata white / green / purple Plant $2
    Hygroryza aristata Plant $5
    Hypoestes phyllostachya pink fine spot Clipping $2
    Hypoestes phyllostachya pink wide spot Clipping $2
    Hypoestes phyllostachya pink wide spot Clipping $2
    Hypoestes phyllostachya red fine spot Clipping $2
    Hypoestes phyllostachya white Clipping $2
    Limnobium laevigatum 5 plants $5
    Marcgravia rectiflora suriname 8+ leaf clipping $6
    Marcgravia sp. brown 8+ leaf clipping $100
    Monstera adansonii Clipping $5
    Pearcea abunda Clipping $5
    Pellionia pulchra Clipping $2
    Pellionia repens Clipping $2
    Peperomia emarginella ecuador 3+ vines $2
    Peperomia prostrata 3+ vines $2
    Phalaenopsis large Plant $10
    Philodendron sp. Red dark medium Full plant $5 clipping $15 large plant $10
    Pilea depressa Plant $2
    Pilea glaucophylla Plant $2
    Pilea spruceana silver/black/grey Clipping $2
    Pleurothallis alvaroi red 3+ Psuedobulb Division $15
    Psychopsis Kalihi Krameriana x papilio Plant $25
    Ricciocarpus natans Small Hand Full $5
    Salvinia minima Large Hand Full $4
    Saxifraga stolonifera Plant $2
    Solanaceae sp. Red Clipping $10
    Stelis maxima 3+ Psuedobulb Division $15
    Syngonium podophyllum Brown Plant $3
    Wandering Jew purple large Clipping $2
    Wandering Jew purple small varigated Clipping $2
    African violet blue twinkle small trailing Clipping $10
    Duck Weed Small Hand Full $2
    Anubias nana petite Plant $4

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    Default Re: Marcgravia bronze, very rare, orchids, floating plants etc.....

    How much for shipping, I would be interested in the duckweed and maybe a few others.

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    Default Re: Marcgravia bronze, very rare, orchids, floating plants etc.....

    $8 to riverside CA, assuming you are not getting any of the bigger plants.

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    Default Re: Marcgravia bronze, very rare, orchids, floating plants etc.....

    hello! are you still selling these plants?

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