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Thread: Toad defense mechanism behaviour

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    Smile Toad defense mechanism behaviour

    I own two black spined toads and when I came home, the male was stiffened up, his body was puffy, he had changed color to a pale color and he had a few blood spots on his back (possibly coming from the bumps?). It also looked like he was having trouble breathing. I picked him up and checked him over and put him back in his vivarium. He deflated, changed back to his normal color and the blood spots disappeared.

    Has this happened to anyone's toad before? If this was in defense, there wasn't anything that I could see that would prompt him to defend himself.

    I'd appreciate any feedback on this.


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    Default Re: Toad defense mechanism behaviour

    How do you mean, blood spots? Like open sores with blood coming from them, or dark patches?

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