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Thread: Emergency- ADF Bloated and Floating on Top of Tank

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    Exclamation Emergency- ADF Bloated and Floating on Top of Tank

    I'm posting this here because it's kind of an emergency and I've searched the forum and can't find an answer. I have an AFD in a 2 gallon tank and I think she only has hours left. I have her in my office and we moved offices recently. We don't have any control over the temperature in the office and the PM tends to keep the office around 65. She seemed to be okay until last week. I changed her water on Monday and treated it with ammonia neutralizer instead of just water conditioner. I brought in a heater and put it in her tank yesterday and she seemed to be doing a little better. I ordered a thermometer but it hasn't come yet so I unplugged the heater when I left for the day. I changed the waterYesterday she started floating at the top of the tank and looked a little bloated. She just started floating at the top, upside down a couple of hours ago. While I was writing this, I noticed that she was laying upside down at the bottom of the tank. I gently turned her over with the net and now she's just laying at the bottom of the tank. I noticed she was struggling to try to get to the surface so I put her in the net and propped her up near the surface of the water so she can breathe. I'm not sure what to do and I don't think she has alot of time. Any advice would be most welcome.

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    Default Re: Emergency- ADF Bloated and Floating on Top of Tank

    hello Zimmerman

    How is your frog doing? It doesn't sound go to me..

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    Default Re: Emergency- ADF Bloated and Floating on Top of Tank

    So sorry to hear about your ADF.
    If she is having trouble regulating being on her belly/back put her in a shallow set up so she can easily reach air.

    Please fill out these questions as it will help us analyze what is going on for you.
    “Trouble in the Frog Enclosure”
    The following information will be very helpful if provided when requesting assistance with either your frog or enclosure. To help with your questions, please utilize the below list and post the information in the proper forum area to get advice from FF members that keep the same frog. This will allow for little confusion and a faster more informed response.

    1. Tank Size and volume of water in it (full, 1/2 filled, etc.)?

    2. Number of inhabitants including all frogs and any fish?

    3. Water source and any conditioner treatments?

    4. Water Temperature and how is it heated (if so)?

    5. Water chemistry levels: pH; Ammonia (NH3); Nitrites (NO2); Nitrates (NO3)? Note that if you do not have test kits, most aquariums/pet shops will do complimentary tests if you take a clean water sample.

    6. Describe any filter system including model and media?[/COLOR]

    7. Substrate type?

    8. Tank set-up (plants (live or artificial), driftwood, hide outs and other decor? - How were things prepared prior to being put into the tank?

    9. Main frog staple food and any treats? How often you feed?

    10. CA, vitamins, and any other additives used (how often)?

    11. Lighting set-up and hours it's used?

    12. When is the last time frog ate?

    13. Have you found poop lately?

    14. A picture would be helpful including frog and tank (any including cell phone pics are fine).

    15. Describe frog's symptoms and/or recent physical changes; to include it's ventral/belly area.

    16. How old is the frog?

    17. How long have you owned him/her?

    18. Is the frog wild caught or captive bred?

    19. Any medications in the water (treatment doses and for how long)?

    20. Any salt in water (how much)?

    21. Is the tank kept in a high or low traffic area?

    22. Describe tank maintenance to include water changes, cleaning, media changes, etc.).
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    Default Re: Emergency- ADF Bloated and Floating on Top of Tank

    Bloating is a serious matter. Generally speaking, it is caused by an osmotic imbalance. Frogs breathe and drink through their skin. Occasionally, this process fails to work and the frog bloats, this can be caused by disease or poor habitat conditions. Since aquatic frogs spend most, if not all their time in water, it is extremely important to make sure the water chemistry, temperature and cleanliness is optimum. Untreated, bloating can cause kidney problems and eventually death. Treatment does not always work. The best thing to do is place the frog in a bare tank with about a quart of water. Add a small pinch of salt. Do not leave the frog in the salt bath for more than 5 minutes - TIME IT! If swelling doesn't go down, repeat the process the next day with fresh water. Good luck!
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