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Thread: Cane toad/Marine toad purchase

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    Default Cane toad/Marine toad purchase

    I am looking to purchase a large(8-10+inches) Cane toad in a few months. There are a few places online that sell the large/giant cane toads:

    Has anyone ordered a giant cane toad from any of these places? The reviews are mixed at best for some of these in regard to quality of animal, shipping method, customer service, etc.

    I realize that some of these are wholesalers that put in an order from there supplier and don't physically have the animals in stock at their location.

    Any first hand experience with these companies or is there another place that you have ordered a giant cane toad from that you were happy with?


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    Default Re: Cane toad/Marine toad purchase

    IMO i would order a juvenile cane toad because you will be able to know your new animal better over time than you would an adult cane toad that would be use to specific temperatures and its environment it has been in. Better yet, it will most likely live longer as well. Personally, ive never ordered from any of those places but i have heard about backwater reptiles, and after looking at their reviews online, i wouldn't order from there.
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