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Thread: Pied whites tree frog!!!

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    Default Pied whites tree frog!!!

    I was just watching some SnakeBytes TV, and this episode was about Sandfire Dragon Ranch. A "plum" line of whites tree frogs is being produced, a frog with dark purple coloring and black eyes. The variation with this morph is incredible. One girl has one black eye and one normal eye, and what I was most excited about is this: a pied whites tree frog! You can go to YouTube and watch the whole video. The web address is top left corner in pic. Anyways I figured I'd share this because I know us whites lovers have been waiting for a pied morph to come out. Hopefully these will be for sale one of these days, I've got to have one!!

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    Default Re: Pied whites tree frog!!!

    Those plums are gorgeous. I'd love a blue phase or a plum, except I'm a bit concerned about inbreeding and purebred weakness. Surely Sandfire know what they're doing though.

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    Default Re: Pied whites tree frog!!!

    I've seen that vid before and I LOVE it! Personally I'd call that morph a "marbled" :P When I think of pied I think of a darker color with white vs a darker color with green
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