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Thread: New legs any day now....

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    So, it looks like Poe, the American Bullfrog, may only be a true tadpole for a bit longer. Checking on him tonight, I noticed movement underneath the skin where I think his front legs will be emerging. Very, very, excited. However, two questions so that I can prepare for this epic event:

    1) Does he need access out of the water as soon as the front legs appear or when his tail is mostly gone? and

    2) What food should I have available for him once the legs do appear? Will he need to be switched over to crickets, fruit flies right away or will he prefer his current diet of fish flakes and aglae wafers for the next bit still?

    Okay, technically three questions I guess. In my excitement I can't count!!

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    Default Re: New legs any day now....

    As soon as the front legs popped out i lowered the water and had some overturned plant pots sticking out of the water with some bog wood. Mine liked to sit on the wood with its head out but the rest of him still in. When the tail is gone is when i would move him to a half and half setup. As for food i would say crickets and maybe a few feeder fish. Fruit flies seem to small. Mine had a big mouth when it morphed. good luck.

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    Thank you, Tyler. I will start dropping the water a bit each day now, as it might happen when I am at work and I don't want him to struggle should it happen when I'm not home. I will make sure I have appropriate sized crickets gut-loaded and waiting for him. I'm expecting him to have a big appetitie as he wouldn't stop eating as a tadpole!

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    Default Re: New legs any day now....

    How exciting Jace...I would love to see a photo.

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