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Thread: Pixie keeps banging head into top of enclosure, HELP!

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    Unhappy Pixie keeps banging head into top of enclosure, HELP!

    I just got a new pixie today, think its a male.

    He keeps jumping, hard, into the top of the screen lid He seems restless, and I have no idea why. I took him out thinking he needed some freedom and he seems completely fine when he's out. Please help!!!

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    Default Re: Pixie keeps banging head into top of enclosure, HELP!

    Okay a few things how big is your cage and how big is the little monster is it a dwarf or a giant?

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    Default Re: Pixie keeps banging head into top of enclosure, HELP!

    I think he's a giant from all the research I've done. He's 5 inches and in a 30 gallon. He's calmed down now, but I just thought of something I did so stupid. I used de-chlorinater for the water in his big water bowl but I used tap water without de-chlorinating it for the Eco Earth :/ I took out all the substrate and soaked it in de-chlorinated water and than put it back in. He's calm now and pretty much exploring the aquarium but he's not jumping anymore. He's kinda rubbing himself on things, but this only happened less than half a day. I hope I didn't do irreversible damage

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    Default Re: Pixie keeps banging head into top of enclosure, HELP!

    I made that mistake for a young pacman and she's still alive and very healthy. Only things to watch for is any skin burns or discoloration. If the little one stops eating or pooping then worry. Try giving night crawlers to help remove some temporary toxins like salts and fight off stress. If the little one eats and poops normal then their fine and good to go with a decent sized meal. As for the constant skin rubbing it could be the skin is mildly irritated from the tap water it's why I stopped using the bricks and went to the bagged stuff far safer if you have to add moisture back with a spray bottle then a bucket

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