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Thread: Red eyed tree frogs and full setup for sale

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    Default Red eyed tree frogs and full setup for sale

    Ypsilanti, Michigan- pickup only.
    I have 3 red eyed tree frogs that need a new home. Their tank with all live plants, water dish, branches, light, digital hygrometer/thermometer, large cricket culture, and 3 frogs all for $130. I will only sell the 3 frogs together. But if you have a tank & everything they need already, I will sell the 3 frogs for less. If you are interested in the frogs or whole set up, feel free to make me an offer. I will definitely consider any reasonable offers. They are all males I believe, I have heard/seen all of them calling. All around 2-3 years old. All happy & healthy. Tank is around 60-70 gallons I think. 33 inches high (36 including light) X 18 inches wide X 16 deep (from front door to back of tank). Front opening door. Hooked up to an automatic misting system right now, but I cant sell that with them since the same system is also hooked up to a dart frog tank. So this setup I am selling does not come with the misting system.

    Tank has a custom clay back wall, all live plants, and several wood branches. Tank also appears to be a custom build (but I did not build it personally). It has a unique shape, the back is sort of like a partial hexagon shape. If you are interested, message me and I can give you more information on the tank, send pics of frogs, or other supplies. Buyer will be responsible for picking up/transporting from ypsilanti, Michigan. Tank is pretty heavy, especially with the clay background and rocks in the bottom. If you live within 2-3 hours, could potentially meet you half way for small additional cost.

    I will only sell to someone with at least some frog experience, *so please include your experience if you PM me*...thanks! I have put a ton of time, effort, $ and care into my red eyed tree frogs. I would like to see them go to a good new home. I am sad to have to give these guys up, but I know someone else will get more enjoyment from them than I currently do.

    Private message me if interested!

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    Default Re: Red eyed tree frogs and full setup for sale

    I am interested in your deal if you wish to contact me you can email me at or text me at 8105433143

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