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    So I have been running my 16X16X24 26 gallon natgeo vivarium for a few months but I'm trying to figure out how much bedding do I change and how frequent. The live plants are 4 arrow plants 8 white ribbon in clusters 1 dracenia Anita and a yet to be identified dracenia. The exoterra bedding is around 3" deep with a 2" drainage layer of sea chems fluorite with 2 25W bulbs over head to add some heat and a fish cfl for uvb light. Is it okay to let night crawlers roam free with him to help the plants grow and provide him with food or is that too much for the size tank too pull off?

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    Default Pacman vivarium questions

    Worms in a Viv are not normally a good idea. While they will aerate the soil and their castings help fertilize the soil, they really can create havoc in a closed system if/when they die off.

    I really don't recommend you planting any plants in a PAC tank. They pretty much brutalize any plants in their tank. Even as tough as Syngoniums are, they can't take too much abuse. Another thing is cocofiber bedding has zero nutritional elements in it for the plants. Are you planning on leaving the plants in their pots so they aren't disturbed every so often when you change substrate? The less you disturb the roots of the plants, the happier they are.

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