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    I have a male american toad for sale. I've had him for a while now since last year summer. I will ship if needed. Pm me with a reasonable offer and zip code. I've seen him try to breed with my female toad but I didn't want anymore toads so I stopped it. He is in a 10 gallon aquarium. I'm willing to trade for newts or salamanders or any type of tree frog eggs or tadpoles. He is currently feeding on crickets, earthworms, bean beetles etc. I like to change up food often but he really enjoys earthworms and crickets. If interested pm with a reasonable offer and your zip code and we could work something out. Pm for images. Thanks!

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    Katie Mae

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    do u still have him?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie Mae View Post
    do u still have him?
    Yes I just pm'ed you

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