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    I moved my two baby whites into a small Exo Terra terrarium (the 18x18x24) and currently have two heat pads, one 26W Tropical UVB 100, and one 50W neodymium basking bulb. Both blubs sit on the back half of the terrarium on the screen and on the front side I have a glass plate that covers the top front part of the screen so the humidity stays in the tank. I'm thinking about upgrading to the Compact top but I was wondering what bulbs to use that hopefully do a better job at keeping at least some humidity.. It should also probably be know that my tank has a about a 1 1/2 inch layer of hydro balls, then a 1 inch layer of coco fiber, and finally a layer of bark, also I have two water dishes and one I live planted plant.

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    LED lights will work best for lighting the tank if you are looking for a light that will not dry the air out so rapidly. Replacing the basking bulb with a Ceramic heat emitter will also give your frogs a basking spot without the massive air drying heat that the bulb you are using produces.
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