The Fescue Grass is in. The Ferns are getting bigger, the Myrtle is spreading in the tank, and water lettuce is in the water. I've hit the jackpot the last month. I got 17 Wax Moths from 100 total, 7 Mealworm Beetles, and I found baby crickets running around. The crickets are mating. That is so amazing. I haven't done anything to induce this mating and growing season. My tank has been in a major drought lol. I kept the Wax Worms and Mealworms in my room with AC on only sometimes. So it was pitch dark mostly and almost 80. Beats keeping in refrigerator. I'm not showing pics yet because I'm gonna get more Myrtle and either 1 more Fescue Grass or Fern.

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