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    Default 75 Gallon Vivarium build

    Toto's Birthday!
    Today a year ago and a day, I saved the 1st animal out of my 8. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't have gotten back into keeping animals. It is one of the best decisions I've made doing this because it's rewarding. Honestly the 3 species of Amphibs I have are my favorite. I really like American Toads. I always had them growing up. To finally be able to keep one and to give it a happier predator free, health care, well fed life. It's so much better than letting it go in August so it can get ready to hibernate. To watch something your attached to leap up out of the yard and never see it again, that hurt. The last toad I had kept before this I just didn't know certain things. It was laying dormant and I thought it was dead. It woke up so I took it to the pet store (local one) he said put it in a shoe box with dirt. We did but with no water. It got warmer out and the toad woke up in the box and died of dehydration. I stopped with all animals for about 5 years. Then I saw online terrariums and the designs people had. I started to think about it. Then I like most beginners wanted one of everything in a tank. I never did that and never had any bad mistakes with animal toxins and etc. But I waited about 2 years and thought I could care for things local to my area West PA, and then I found this little toad in a bucket at work. I thought now is the time to do this, I know all I can know now. So I kept her. She has become a fearless toad for the most part. I know my Whites are pretty savage and Leopards but, Toto has eaten things that she honestly shouldn't have. She Is the biggest animal I own also. From 2 inches to 3 and a half now, she is really awesome. I know people have their darts and tree frogs, etc, I could have done anything with the money I had for it. But I'm glad I had an idea with local things and I went all out for it. If I never found Toto, I wouldn't have either Enclosures. Or any animals. Happy Birthday Girl!

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