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Thread: Crickets' Carrots Molded in The Bin...! :(

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    Exclamation Crickets' Carrots Molded in The Bin...! :(

    I had some frozen cut carrots and thawed them a bit and put them in with my crix for a bit of variety, unfortunately I just found them still in the jar lid, all covered in blue furry mold! Would they have eaten off of this moldy crud? (They had cotton balls in spring water too). I couldn't tell if they ate any or not. I was going to try to feed Honey-Lime again tonight using these darn crickets... have a couple hundred in there. Will I have to throw out this whole colony...?? I did feed a cricket each to Shirley and Jelly Bean before I found the moldy stuff but I didn't try giving Honey any.

    I also had carrot in with my Dubias. Those didn't seem to mold and it looked like there were nibble marks-- unless they ate the mold! @_@ I hope they didn't because I fed five Dubias to Lucy tonight and she gobbled them right up. I dumped the carrots out and put a water jug cap of spring water soaked cotton ball in each of the three containers. Don't know if the Dubia will drink water like that or not, but I didn't want to take a chance with more mushy moldy carrots, bleh.

    (The crickets and Dubia also had dry chow available).
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    Default Crickets' Carrots Molded in The Bin...! :(

    Oh, I don't want to bear bad news. So, I'll be honest and let you decide. From what I can find everywhere it says they shouldn't eat mold, but that nobody has seen to 100% say. But they do typically eat dead decomposing plants and rotting fruits and veggies. But that's not exactly mold. :/ I'd say keep an eye on the crickets see how many pass away and if you don't have like a third to a half die, they should be okay. But I know you did work very very hard to make sure all the froggies got all better. So, it's ultimately your call. I usually give my crickets a set up like this.
    With the green cricket food, the flukers Orange or yellow junk. And a different bowl of veggies whole baby carrots (peeled) with lettuce or cabbage, but only the night before I'm going to feed the froggies do their super gut loaded crickets.
    And to breed I put in this container surrounded by metal mesh so the females may plant their eggs in the dirt inside the caged container but the males or other females can't get inside to eat them out the dirt. After a week or two I remove the container and place it in a larger moist and warm container and wait for the pinheads to come crawling out.

    And I opted to breed Madagascar hissers and mealworms to add variety to the froggies diet versus dubias.

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