Hi everyone! It's my first post on this forum!

I have question for you. I've got 4 months old and 8,5 cm long pyxie. Is it normal size for that age? I'm asking because I saw few posts where people said that they have same size frogs but 2 months younger! I've got Bąbel (that's his name, it means Bubble) 1,5 months ago and he doubled his size since then. Is it possible that I'm underfeeding him or something?

Water: 26C
Basking spot: 30C
Air: 25C and >20C at night.

Every day I'm feeding him around 10 dubias 1-2cm long or 1-2 biggest night crawlers or 5-10 red hybrids and dusting calcium with vitamin D from time to time. I've tried 15 minutes method when he was 5cm long but he ate more then 20 mealworms so I stopped. Every 2-3 weeks I'm giving him one pinky.

At this very moment he shredded his skin and croaked, so he is a 100% male?