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Thread: Pixie Frog Injury or Fungus?

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    Default Pixie Frog Injury or Fungus?

    I can't figure out if this is an injury, fungus or what? He's active and gobbling up food as usual, but this appeared about a week ago and seems to be getting worse. I noticed it after I had put him in his outdoor enclosure that I keep him in during the warm part of the year. I live in Phoenix. It's a shaded outdoor habitat. After several years I've never had any issues until now. I now have him indoors in a sanitized aquarium with moist paper towels I change out everyday until this heals or I can figure out what the situation is. I am worried whatever this is could spread to his eyes as it is close to that area. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    I can't get any of my jpegs to embed or attach. There within the dimension parameters. The only way I can get close is to drag and drop in FireFox and I can see the image in my draft, but when I post it disappears.

    The best I can do is provide this link for the pic.

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    Default Re: Pixie Frog Injury or Fungus?

    Pics don't upload properly directly to the forum lately, so use photobucket or similar.

    it seems to be injury, quarantine you set up is good. Outdoor enclosures are opening way for a frog infected with anything from parasites to fungus, you don't want to risk it! It also appears he has healed nose injury.

    get flamazine ( the best) or antibiotics cream WITHOUT painkillers and use it 2xweek.
    see how it goes, if no better in 5-7 days or getting worse you need to see a vet for systemic antibiotics.
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    Default Re: Pixie Frog Injury or Fungus?

    In case a second opinion makes you feel any better- I 100% agree with Lija's post. Looks like an injury and I too see the healed nose rub. Either there is something your frog is scraping its nose on inside the enclosure or it is repeatedly hitting its face against the wall to get out. An outdoor enclosure is no place for an exotic frog. Not only is the frog susceptible to parasites etc., but it's also irresponsible from a conservation standpoint. Transmission of disease to native amphibian populations is a huge issue right now. I understand that your intentions are good, but I hope you'll reconsider.
    The flamazine cream is excellent. Only use a fine layer on the wound; don't glob it on. Good luck!

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