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Thread: pac stays burrowed 24/7

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    i have had my pacman named sarlac for about a year and a few months and as of late he has been hiding with out surfacing for weeks on end. i do live in cleveland where we have had a terrible winter. hes in the natgeo 26 tall tank (only sold through pet smart) with a drainage layer then fiber glass mesh, 4 inches of eco earth to burrow, a 10 watt fish tank uvb compact florescent bulb, 2 25 watt incandescent bulbs, live plants of dracinea (white ribbon) and arrow plants and a zoomed reptofogger. his tank stays about 65 at night and up to 80 in the day. his humidity varies between 55 and 99%. his substrate stays just wet enough to form shapes but not so wet that if squeezed it looks like a wet cloth. he loves to hide under the roots of the plants but he refuses crickets and other prey items but eats his night crawlers or his once a month thawed pinkie or baby mouse if i dig him out of his burrow. should i worry or is he being normal for the winter months? his soak bowl is filled with reptisafe tap water and i spray the plants down with spring water and his fogger which only runs every 3 days for no more then 20min uses distilled to keep the glass clean and keep the top layer wet. if i put him in his soak bowl and walk away with out offering food he jumps out and goes back to hiding.

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    Hey, first thing I noticed that could be contributing to him burying himself is your humidity cant have that much fluctuation through out the day. You need to try and keep up around 70-80%, anything lower then 70 is starting to get on the dry side for them and anything over 90% for long periods of time you can start to create bacterias in you tank. It needs to be a steady 70-80%. Your temps at 65 are extremely cold for him and being exposed those temps for to long can cause serious damage to kidneys and other stuff internally. The lowest it should go at night is 75f. From the dry and cold conditions your frog has been in he may be trying to aestivate or he may have become ill. I would bump his day time temp up to about 82f and don't let his night temp drop under 75F, get the humidity at a constant 80% and see if this makes him resurface. And next time he does come up or you dig up if you could snap a pic of him that would be helpful to determine what is up with him. Does anything about his appearance seem off to you when you dig him up?

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    I'm working on getting some photos up the site won't let me upload and my laptops being fixed and im working off my iPod right now. Last night I gave him a thawed mouse he looked like he was backing away then lunged not only getting the mouse but the tongs and part of my thumb. He seems to act normal during and shortly after eating I'm also working on the temp range which I do think is the largest factor like you stated. Then humidity will be next on the list as with a partial bedding change. When I looked at his underbelly its a subtle greyish color with a small amount of pink near his groin.

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