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Thread: Need help choosing a Waxy setup.

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    Default Need help choosing a Waxy setup.

    Hi all,

    I have been wanting a couple Waxy Monkeys for a long time. Its a fist frog setup for me however I have kept some very difficult marine life so I do allot of research when I commit to a new pet. I need a little help deciding a few things.

    1) I live in Florida so I was thinking the terrarium would thrive better if left outside on my screened enclosure. We are moving into some pretty hot weather with summer coming up. Allot of humidity as well. Its gets a couple hours of sun exposure as well and might be better for frogs. We have allot of wild tree frogs around too. Ill post a picture. Either that or I could keep them inside as well. I have heard they dont like too much humidity? Currently it averages 75-90 here 38% humidity today for example. Sorry

    2) My kids are expert Gecko, Anole and corn snake catchers, Very gentle, so they will want to hold them once and a while.
    Would P. bicolor's be the best? I dont mind paying a bit more for captive bred specimen's

    3)I'm going for a Reptibreeze screen terrarium because I hear they do better in them, plus I can go taller.

    I have an R.O water supply for my salt aquarium so I have plenty of clean water .

    I appreciate any feedback.

    Cant seem to be able to upload images to this site. Tried Bmp, Jpg file extensions small as 400x400 and still didn't work

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    Default Re: Need help choosing a Waxy setup.

    Photo issues should be fixed soon, meanwhile you can use photobucket or similar.
    now for your qs.

    Waxies - yes, huge outdoor enclosure would be great, the issues here are that local frogs/animals can bring in fungus, bacteria, parasites = headache for you.
    Cb giant waxies are not available in like forever
    humidity 20-40 is the best, at any point it shouldn't be higher then 40-50 fir longer periods of time.
    Waxies are not typical tree frogs, think of a mix between chamelion and bearded dragon, they live high up in a trees basking in a sun all day, they need high uvb, basking spot at 90, lots of smooth branches of different diameter, they also need high air flow, stagnant air will kill them.
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    Default Re: Need help choosing a Waxy setup.


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