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Thread: Baby Pixie frog help!

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    Default Baby Pixie frog help!

    Hello everyone,

    For the past week, my frog, Ratta, has been unresponsive to food and looks a little lighter in color. My temperature is 73 degrees and my humidity is around 67. Ratta is a small African bullfrog and is only 2 1/2 inches long. I have noticed that he tries to burrow when I dig him out for food, and his eyes are usually smaller and closed sometimes. I feed him either an earthworm everyday or a few crickets, depending on what he had yesterday. He lives in a humble 10 gallon aquarium and has a small Pothos plant that we got when we bought him at a breeder in a nearby expo. I use coconut fiber and I have a small hide and water dish for him. I am getting concerned for him and have had him for only a month.

    I really love my Ratta and will do whatever it takes to keep him healthy and well

    Please respond with help or correction of my behavior. I will take everything for account. Thanks everyone

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    Default Re: Baby Pixie frog help!

    Bring up your temps and humidity. 83 degrees with a 5 degree night drop is optimal. Humidity should be near 80 percent, with the substrate moist but not wet. If you ready the sticky at the top of the threads, there is a very good care article. Also answer the trouble in the enclosure questions by copying and pasting. Lastly, some good photos of the frog and enclosure can be helpful in diagnosing anything you might inadvertently miss.

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