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Thread: Injury on milk frog. Help!

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    Default Injury on milk frog. Help!

    Hey all.

    Im new to this forum and I'm after some advice please. I've just spotted what looks like a puncture wound on one of my Amazon milk frogs. I have a pair of frogs and they are fed crickets and locusts. Could one of the crickets be responsible? They're in a bioactive 45cm square terrarium. There's nothing sharp in there. What's the best way to treat this? Unfortunately I can't upload a pic as it won't accept iPhone photos


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    Default Injury on milk frog. Help!

    What size are the crickets and locusts?

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    Default Re: Injury on milk frog. Help!

    Hi SilverWolfLP,

    Welcome to FrogForum! Sorry you're having issues with one of your frogs :/ I'd go here and ask an admin for help in loading photos Forum Questions & Workings You very could well have a cricket bite on your froggle, but unless we are able to see pics it's really hard to say. Are you able to load pics onto Photobucket or some other host from your phone? If so you can post the links to the pics here.
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