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    Can you give them too much calcium? I pretty much dust everything in it for the past month. Is my frog gonna explode?
    I put the crickets or roaches in a bag with some dust and swish them around untill they are grey colored.

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    im not too sure if u can over do it or not but they just say do it every other feeding for juvy frogs and once a week for adult frogs....but me personally i have never dusted any foods for my pixies before, and i have owned 5 by this point, but they all turned out fine...all of them were just feed heavily and with a good source of food...but for pacman frogs its different....i had to find out the hard way with my apricot pac....he got the bone diease in his right leg pretty bad from lack of calcium

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    Default Calcium dust

    It is possible to over dose calcium. But dusting at each meal shouldn't do it. Calcium over dose normally happens when people dust and use the liquid calcium in the water bowl and other extreme circumstances.

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    For the last 2 weeks I have been dusting all of the crickets I feed her (her whole life) for the last week I have been switching back and forth every other day. Until it starts to grow bigger I'll just keep doing it every other day.

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