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    I picked this little guy up from my job at a supermarket. I live in Western New York in the US. I don't see it being a local species because we have had several feet of snow for quite a while now and I feel like he would be frozen solid if he just hopped inside. My best guess is that he came in with a flower shipment and still haven't figured out where it came from. Any help identifying would be appreciated. Name:  IMG_20150208_233440474.jpg
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    Looks like a western chorus frog, or at least its a member of the Pseudacris genus.

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    Default Re: Identification?

    Probably a young cuban tree frog. They come in on a lot of floral shipments around here.
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    Thanks for the quick reply. Google had several images on both the Cuban tree frog and the western chorus frog. I'm fairly sure it's a Cuban tree frog because of the pattern and the large toe pads that you can't really see in the pictures.

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    I've kept Western Chorus frogs, and it's definitely not one of those. It looks like a Cuban to me. The flower shipment most likely came from South Florida.
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