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Thread: first time pacman owner needs help

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    Frogger the pacman

    Default first time pacman owner needs help

    So im new to owning frogs and while i did a lot of reasearch first im still a bit unsure. So i got my pacman frog Frogger on my birthday yesterday and gave him 2 or 3 freeze dried crickets which i plan to use as a treat of sorts since his main food will be nightcrawlers. He ate them with gusto and i was happy and he chirpped which was super cute. Today i tried to feed him a nightcrawler in the morning and at night and he didnt want food, i even tried the crickets but nothing. He is in a 10 gallon tank with the proper set up of coconut fiber bedding , some fake plants , some moss and a water dish plenty big enough for him. He also has his heating pad under his tank. The humidity i keep at least at 80 and the air temp is between 70 and 75. Any help and pointers would be helpful

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    Default first time pacman owner needs help

    Hello and welcome to the frog forum!

    Nightcrawlers are a good choice for pacmans

    Many frogs do take a while to become accustomed to eating in a new environment. I wouldn't worry too much right now.

    Temperature should be 80-83 during the day and 75-77 at night so be sure to bring those up.

    Humidity should be 70-80%

    I suggest placing the heat pad on the side instead of the bottom. The frogs burrow in order to cool off and if they find another source of heat, it will cause stress and could even burn the frog.

    Make sure that water is treated with dechlorinator and that you are dusting his food with calcium powder every other feeding and multivitamins once a week.

    I also advise ditching the moss. If swallowed is a risk of impaction (blocked intestine) and can kill your frog .

    Here is a caresheet for more info on the husbandry.

    Good luck!

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    Frogger the pacman

    Default Re: first time pacman owner needs help

    Thanks for the info. I couldnt decide where to put that darn heating pad since i read so many different things that said side was better then others said bottom was better for different reasons. I have the mini heater and am not sure it will heat much if i put it on the back wall. He hangs out on the area where the pad is and i make sure he isnt too close to the bottom but ya ill move it. I only have the moss on the wall and going up this branch as decor since i didnt want any in the area he would eat near for fear of the impaction. My boyfriend has had reptiles before and told me he was probly just getting used to his new environment like you did and will eat later.

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