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Thread: New (and temporary) enclosure advice

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    My current setup for a half dollar sized cranwelli is pictured below. He's my first venture into frogs, and will be getting a larger exo-terra in late May. However, until then I have him in a 3 gallon cube that is 9 x 9. I've got a water dish and gauges as pictured, and a heatpad is along the back (can't put it on bottom because of tank construction). It keeps the back wall at 83 and substrate just past the halfway-out mark warm to the touch. I have no UV light, just the attached LED setup. Misting at least 3 times a day, humidity hasn't dipped below 70% or over 80%. I feed as many crickets as he'll eat immediately every other day, and I'm dusting once a week. I'd love for you guys to critique me, as I feel there are definitely improvements I can make to make my pacman thrive the few months he's not in the amphib Ritz-Carlton

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    Default New (and temporary) enclosure advice


    Putting the heat pad on the back instead of the bottom is a good idea. Putting it on the bottom may end with your poor little frog getting burned

    Frogs do not need UVB light so the LED setup you have now is fine.

    A half dollar sized cranwelli should be eating every day and dusting with calcium should be happening every other day and multivitamins once a week. Not vitamin A though, too much of that will kill your frog.

    Otherwise, I think that he could use some shady places or some hiding places. If he decides to come out for all to see he should have a place where the light doesn't hit him directly

    Good luck!

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    Default Re: New (and temporary) enclosure advice

    Congrats on the new little guy, and frogman1031 has given you some pretty good advice. A plant or half log would benefit him greatly because he is going to want to hide under something. I have a baby albino pacman at the moment and he sits under his lillypads all the time, night and day. he will move around at night but he will stay under the plants as he moves around hunting his crickets, and when the light comes on he buries under one of them. In the wild they hide under plants and leaves on the ground to get out of the direct sun light so he will need something to make it feel more natural and if he becomes highly stressed out he can become sick, stress is one of the leading causes of the death in captive reptiles and amphibians. Oh and it could help him feel abit more secure if you cover 3 sides of his enclosure or even just a backdrop of some kind, you could use construction paper or something if you don't mind the looks of it. Good luck

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