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Thread: Red Eyed Tree Frog General Question

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    I've been thinking about getting a couple of red eyes and was wondering how difficult they are to keep? I've kept frogs before, and have a lot of experience with higher humidity reptiles. What are these guys like as captives? Thanks!

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    Default Re: Red Eyed Tree Frog General Question

    They aren't difficult to keep so long as you've done a lot of research, but they are not very forgiving of mistakes either. Here is a care sheet - Frog Forum - Red-Eyed Leaf Frog/Red Eyed Tree Frog Care - Agalychnis callidryas They are really great frogs, so long as you are enough of a night owl to peek in on them and enjoy them while they're awake. I have never seen mine awake during the day. Big changes in their environment can send them into sleep mode for a few days and refusal to eat. So they are a bit pickier than some frogs. All of mine were very skittish when I first got them. They would dive and hide the second they saw me, then it slowly changed, they'd just go to sleep when they saw me. Now they'll just sit still and stare at me when I peek in on them
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    new to this forum.iv'e had my red eyed tree frog for about a year now,eating well and waking up ok.but recently in the last few weeks he's been sleeping alot and not touching his food.humidity between 75-85.temp 26.sleeps in the same spot in last few days.his he hibernating at all.don't understand whats wrong

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