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Thread: Feeding time getting difficult...

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    I have had my frog Jabba for about 5 weeks. I'm pretty sure he's a male because he has been croaking all week. He is growing like a weed and has been eating great up until this week. I feed him nighcrawlers as a staple and supplement gut loaded crickets.

    My regimen is as follows: I put on gloves which I spray with a little water to get them moist. I take Jabba out of his enclosure and put him in a medium sized critter keeper to feed him. He usually gulps up whatever I put in there but now he wont eat while he's in the critter keeper. He just tries to jump the whole time he's in the keeper.

    He only eats in his enclosure. I have no problem feeding him in his enclosure but I'm concerned that all the coconut fiber that sticks to the nightcrawlers while he is eating will cause an impaction. He is still eating well but just giving me a hard time about eating in the critter keeper. Last week I put some crickets in his enclosure and he would snatch them up as soon as they crawled by. He seemed to love the hunt. Do you think that is why he is now wanting to only eat inside his enclosure?

    Any advice on the best way to decrease the risk of substrate impaction by feeding nightcrawlers in his enclose will be helpful. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Feeding time getting difficult...

    You could try tweezer feeding. What kind of frog is Jabba? If he can climb you could try feeding in a bowl about two inches high.

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    Default Re: Feeding time getting difficult...

    Ha! Sorry i usually post in the pacman forum. Jabba is a pacman frog.

    I do tweezer feed him. He takes it from the tweezers like a xhamp.

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    You could try covering all sides of the cricket keeper and see if that makes him stop jumping I had the same issue with my female pacman. She would always try to jump through the sides of the container and stopped caring about the food in it until I covered all the sides. Now when I put her in it she sits perfectly still and waits for her dinner.

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    Default Re: Feeding time getting difficult...

    Im going through the same thing right now with my baby pacman except he wont even take from the tongs. He has only eaten maybe three pieces of worm from tongs and he will not relax enough outside the enclosure to even think about eating. He gets the cocofibre everytime but he still goes to the bathroom. If that's the only way he will eat right now just watch to make sure he goes poop on his normal schedule and I wouldn't worry to much. And just be persistent with him to get him back to his normal feeding ways and I bet he will go back to them. I introduce the feeder I use every night the first time with tongs and after abit if he doesn't take it, which he never does I will just drop his food in. But I try every night. And I really don't think the little bit of cocofibre that gets on the worm would cause an impaction, I would be more concerned of him missing and takeing a huge mouthful of it. And out of all honesty this has happened to my pacman and he stilled pooped a couple days later like it was nothing. When I watch him he seems to take most out with his front hands when he misses so maybe he ingesting as much as you think.

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    Default Re: Feeding time getting difficult...

    Thanks for the replies. He is getting better. I never thought of covering the sides of his critter keeper. His enclosure has three sides covered with a static cling background. I covered his keeper and he is much better. He seems to enjoy his baths more as well.

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