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    Howdy. I have two ACFs in a 20g long, sand substrate, couple amazon swords. I think the male is developing bloat, as he's a bit bloated. His skin sort of ripples when he moves.

    Right now he's acting normally, eating well. The female looks fine.

    How do I treat this? I've started doing 50% water changes daily. However, I have to go away on business for 6 nights. Should I put him in a quarantine tank and add aquarium salt? I have a 29g tall that is cycled, but no occupants as I moved the fish to a 55g. Should I dump him in there until I get back?


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    Default Re: Bloated ACF

    He's definitely bloated, entire body now affected. From what I've read, probably got it from eating bloodworms.

    I have three days to treat him until I go away for almost a week. so:

    Should he be quarantined from other ACF? Or is it too late for that?
    Salt baths? Or just put him in a salted tank? How much salt?
    Any anti biotics? Some say yes, others no.
    Is he a lost cause?

    Also the filter just broke and there's a blizzard so I can't run to the pet store. Ugh.

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    Default Re: Bloated ACF

    Hi sorry to hear about your frog Here is a post I wote a while back explaining ACF bloating. Let me know if you have any questions.

    A "hard bloat" is very serious. It is where the frog suddenly appears on the surface of the water and the legs and body are distended. The typical treatment is the use of Maracyn, a antibiotic, along with a salt bath. Untreated, it is fatal.

    The "soft bloat" is where fluid accumulates under the skin and the frog appears like the "Michelin-man". A salt bath is the recommended treatment. It is serious, but not fatal if treated. Use one teaspoon of "sea salt" or "non-iodized" salt per gallon. These frogs are quite salt tolerant. Salt baths should be no more than 30 minutes per day until cleared.

    In either case, the frog should be placed in a "hospital tank" for treatment.

    Bloating is caused by a number of reasons:
    * bacterial infection (regular use of the probiotic Lymnozyme will help)
    * stress (provide some hiding places)
    * insufficient calcium (regular feeding of earthworms will prevent this condition)
    * osmotic irregularity (maintain proper water chemistry)
    * overfeeding of bloodworms (don't feed freeze-dried foods to your frogs)
    * incorrect water temperature, should be between 68-72(F)

    Dropsy and hydrops are now referred to as edema. Bloating seems to be more and more common these days. If cared for properly, these frogs can live 12+ years.
    It's difficult to explain the difference without pictures. Probably the best way to tell the difference is how the frog behaves. If it looks like a balloon and gets around fairly well, than it is probably soft bloat. Hard bloat frogs usually hang out around at the surface.

    Here is a photo of soft bloat

    Terry Gampper
    Nebraska Herpetological Society

    “If we can discover the meaning in the trilling of a frog, perhaps we may understand why it is for us not merely noise but a song of poetry and emotion.”
    Adrian Forsyth

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    Default Re: Bloated ACF

    Thanks for the reply. I'm starting to think that maybe the tank was too warm.

    Yesterday I took Pork out of the 20g and put him in the 29g, which at 68 degrees is about 10 degrees colder than the 20g. After awhile, he was singing quite a bit and both frogs began actively swimming around. My wife said they missed each other, so I felt bad about separating them. Not knowing whether or not the bloating was contagious, I decided to reunite them in the 29g. They sang like crazy all night long. This morning, the tank is full of eggs! Pork was clamped around Clem and they swam around and around like that for hours. They are taking a break I guess, but still singing. Pork looks a LOT better! The swelling in his body has subsided, so right now he's back down to where he looks like he's wearing Puff Daddy pants. Clem looks tired.

    So I'm going to do a water change and then put some of the eggs in the 20g, see if they hatch. I did notice a couple white wriggly worms swimming in the 20g, which I have never seen before. (I've been keeping frogs for 3 years). Don't know if they are parasites or food, so I'm just going to do a pretty good cleaning.

    Hopefully Pork is on the road to recovery. He certainly seems to be firing on all cylinders, that's for sure. All in all, it's pretty fascinating.

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    Default Re: Bloated ACF

    I mean he looks like he's wearing MC Hammer pants.

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