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Thread: Found a gray tree frog in my house middle of snow storm

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    Default Found a gray tree frog in my house middle of snow storm

    I found a live gray tree frog in my house, not sure how to care for it, not sure how it has been surviving so far. Any suggestions?

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    Default Re: Found a gray tree frog in my house middle of snow storm

    If you want to release him when the weather warms up, just keep him in a small animal carrier (they're like $7 at petco) for now.
    I you're planning on keeping him, get a tall terrarium for him.
    Tree frogs need lots of places to hide, so you can get reptile supplies at a pet store, or just get sticks outside (but disinfect them first to make sure they don't have creepy bugs). Put a water dish in there that is deep enough for him to soak his body in, because that's how they "drink" water. Mist with water about twice a day, and make sure it stays warm (at least 70 degrees, but closer to 80 is better)

    I hope that helps!

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    Default Re: Found a gray tree frog in my house middle of snow storm

    Actually, I would say that low 70s is probably better, and can drop down to 60s at night. They are very cold tolerant, and won't like excessively warm, or tropical temps. Mine are at ambient room temp + a little extra warmth from the lighting; about 70-71 degrees during the day, and around 67 at night. They seem very happy, active at night, and eat like pigs.

    I would set it up in at least a 10 gallon tank, even if you're just going to keep it over the winter. You can put a live Pothos plant in it, as long as you make sure there are no chemicals on it. A nice piece of cork bark for climbing and hiding would also be appreciated. You can do a gravel substrate with a water table, which will ensure that it remains humid enough. A screen lid should be okay, as this will create a humidity gradient, and enable him to hang out in drier areas, which they often prefer to do.

    Depending on the size of the frog, you should be able to feed either large or small crickets from the pet store. If you feed in a smooth sided dish, the crickets won't get all over the rest of the tank. You will want to dust occasionally with vit powder, and with calcium with vit D, but not at the same time.

    If you decide to keep it permanently, a 20 gallon tank should be sufficient, well planted, and with plenty of wood for climbing.

    Good luck, and what a miracle that he got into your house and survived.

    Just FYI, there is a tree frog forum here, Tree Frogs. There is also a Gray tree frog care sheet.
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