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Thread: My FBT has a deformed leg/foot

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    Default My FBT has a deformed leg/foot

    I purchased a FBT from a fairly good pet store a few months ago. (His name's Albert, not that it matters much.)

    Miss Observant here finally noticed something... one of his arms has skin going from the body to the elbow/knee, almost like a flying squirrel. On the same leg, he has a foot with a finger that sprouts off half way up another one. It doesn't appear to be stopping him from hunting. My parents call him the "half-dollar frog" because he's literally wider than a half-dollar coin. I'd like to get a better photo, but he doesn't like cameras... sorry!

    Main concern if he seems to be 'hot stuff' to my other FBTs. They won't stop grabbing him. Should I separate him or something or just let him continue going about his normal life? I just want him to be happy and comfortable. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Default My FBT has a deformed leg/foot

    Hello and welcome to the frog forum!! Unfortunately, many frogs and toads are born with deformities because if the tadpole is somehow damaged, the frog reflects it significantly. As long as he is eating and pooping okay the deformity shouldn't really affect him that much. Although if the other toads can't be nice, separation will be necessary to ensure the toad can live a comfortable and stress free life. More pics will help. Thanks!

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    Default Re: My FBT has a deformed leg/foot

    Do you only have males? When I add a male to my group, I send all males on a bonding retreat in another tank. This allows them to sort out their pecking order without being distracted by the femmes. It takes mine about a week to work things out, then I put them back into the main tank.

    I second Eli on the deformity - shouldn't affect him. I have a tree frog that has webbing on her back leg. She climbs and jumps like a pro. And eats like a hog. ;-)

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    Default Re: My FBT has a deformed leg/foot

    Sorry for taking so long - my mom's in the ICU, life's been a mess. Anyway, as much as I'd love to post more pictures, Albert generally refuses to have his picture taken without being held and forced to hold still. He actually eats more than the others and I know he still poops. All the toads are male, but they are always grabbing. Recently, they've started picking on other frogs. (Not that I want them to grab each other, but at least the others aren't deformed.)

    On a side note, he's always bright green, except in the morning, when he's a slightly darker green for ~20 minutes. Does that mean anything or is he just a bright green frog? All the others at least change shades of green/brown during the day.

    EDIT: NM, I found another one of Albert's cooperative moments captured.
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