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Thread: What is living in my ACF tank? Larvae? Parasites?

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    Default What is living in my ACF tank? Larvae? Parasites?

    I have 2 male African clawed frogs in a 20gallon long aquarium. My tank is filtered and kept at 70 degrees. About 3 weeks ago, I purchased a full spectrum light for my tank. It has never had artificial lighting before and that is my only recent change. Today, I took a close look and found hundreds of what appear to be some kind of larvae emerging from my sand substrate! My frogs are ignoring them, but I am very concerned and have no idea what they could be!

    These are the best pictures I could manage right now, as the little pests are very tiny, maybe a quarter of an inch, and it was difficult to adjust the focus on my camera. Any ideas?
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    Default Re: What is living in my ACF tank? Larvae? Parasites?

    It appears to be some kind of black worm or some messed up poop mixed with sand. Sorry they're too far to be clearly seen

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    Default Re: What is living in my ACF tank? Larvae? Parasites?

    Would not worry about it. Rule of thumb with parasites is, if you can visually see it, it's probably not a parasite. I've had planaria, cyclops, and various other little creatures pop up in my aquariums these populations seem to come and go at times. They are harmless to frogs.

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