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Thread: Very agressive African Dwarf Frog??

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    Default Very agressive African Dwarf Frog??

    I've always researched an animal before purchasing and trying to maintain a suiteable enviorment I usually always do my homework except for my newest addition a very tiny african dwarf frog all the websites I came across pointed to them being docile and peacefully with no teeth and claws they are almost virtually harmless or so I thought I housed it with my Crown Tail betta and although my betta would flare it never attacked or went after the frog and the frog has torn my Betta apart I had to actually get them off of eachother last night and all the articals that I have read said African Dwarf Frogs would be ideal tankmates I'm very puzzled I have the frog in a 1/2 gallon hospital bowl. Really bad what can I do

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    Well animals have their individual personalities. One out of a hundred frogs could be aggressive and one out of a thousand betta can be peaceful. I was lucky enough to have taken care of a peaceful betta for 3 years. It was kept with a few neon tetras and some glofish. As for frog well sometimes nature defines one to be more dominant, hence aggressive.

    Separate the two now and treat the betta's torn fins so it does not become infected

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    You sure it's a African dwarf and not a African Clawed Frog

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