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    Steve Carranza

    Default African clawed frog

    my clawed frog i've had for two months is not growing, but the ones at the store i bought her from have grew. She wont eat reptomin pellets, only earthworms or night crawlers or bloodworms ive tried so much!

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    the only thing that comes to mind is not getting enough food to grow so try doing some research may on how much and how often to feed earthworms. My guess would be daily but the quantity i am not sure. So that you will have to look up, sry. Hoped I helped.

    PS I dont know if this is possible but maybe you got a runt but definitely go with the food researching that i said before because that is more likely

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    Default Re: African clawed frog

    Do you have the albino or wild type ACF? The wild type are usually grey or brown in color. It is important to give out this information when you discuss ACFs. Albinos are lab raised and used in research. They are much smaller then their wild type cousins. You could have a runt or a culled one. Most ACFs can be coaxed into eating Repto-Min. They love earthworms. Bloodworms should be fed sparingly. Try blackworms or tubifex worms. According to several studies, frogs have experienced faster growth with tubifex. Freeze-dried foods are a no-no. Just make sure you siphon any uneaten food as worms foul the water quickly. Keep the temperature around 68-72 degrees (F). Too ho water is harmful to ACFs. Water quality and chemistry are also important. Thse frogs are easy to care for and live 15-20+ years!
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