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Thread: New FBT owner need help ?

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    Default New FBT owner need help ?

    I just got a my first frog 10 days ago, a FBT , and he keeps trying to escape. Just set him up in a 20 gallon long tank with a hiding place , eco earth, moss , bathing tub and water. But he just sits at the corner hopping at it trying to get out.I feel so bad I don't know what to do! He's Brown and has 2 bright green lumps on his back is that bad?
    He had this slime coming off him was that his shedding?
    And I'm think about getting him a friend ?

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    Angela P

    Default New FBT owner need help ?

    I know that fire belly toads enjoy a 50/50 land to water ratio . He could have been shedding. Was he eating the slime? I'd have to know more about this slime but he may just be stressed. Constant shedding is bad. Do you have any pictures of the green spots or slime?

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    Default Re: New FBT owner need help ?

    The first 2 pics are the slime I used a stick to move it out of water and it's on the side of the tank. Then my frog and the dots and his setup. In the two dishes are his water.
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    Angela P

    Default New FBT owner need help ?

    It really just looks like shed skin to me. My White's Tree Frogs get shed skin on the side of their tank all the time. They like to soak in the water when their shedding as well. I don't see anything abnormal with your frog. The green may be part of his pattern.

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    Tongue Flicker

    Default Re: New FBT owner need help ?

    You can put more plants or pebbles at the sides/corners to facilitate a sense of security. Your tank looks quite bare/open so your frog just thinks that there's no glass preventing he's wandering activities

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