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Thread: Green tree frogs and Green and gold bells

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    Default Green tree frogs and Green and gold bells

    I have two of each Green tree frogs and Green and gold bell frogs , can I keep them together always?? The pet store said I would have no problems, but they're not all that bright....They didn't know what a planted tank was, in tropical fish terms!!!!

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    Default Re: Green tree frogs and Green and gold bells

    Probably not a good idea to keep them together. Different frogs have different types of toxin in their skin and can possibly harm other kinds of frogs not resistant to them. Also are they the same size? Green Tree Frogs (dumpies, right?) tend to try to eat smaller frogs, or at least push them out of the way when it's time to eat.

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    Default Re: Green tree frogs and Green and gold bells

    They are very young at the minute, and roughly the same size....they will be in a viv 90x50x60, would it be a better idea to place a divider in and split it in 1/2?

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    Default Re: Green tree frogs and Green and gold bells

    since you are a new frogger, i would recommend each species has their own tank. while multispecies tanks have their appeal, they should only be done by keepers with many years experience. those that know the species kept inside and out. their quirks, characteristic and whatnot. you need to inhibit problems BEFORE they happen. also, a large tank is required (90x50x60 is not really that large a tank) so that they can be broken sight lines, plenty of hiding room and plenty of room for frogs to establish their territory. best bet would be to split the difference and get each species a 45x45x60 (i think that's the metric equivalent to an 18x18x24). it will take up the same space as the one you wanted, but will house both species safely and without the risk of cross contamination.
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