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    what morph of pac would u guys say is the most agressive out there?? or they all kinda the same?? just wondering if u guys had some input on this

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    It all depends on the frog. The morphs aren't different species, or even breeds in the way dogs are separated. They are just interesting color patterns of the Cranwelli. Now there are several other species available, most commonly the ornate, and there may be some differences in average aggression across the species, but I have a really aggressive ornate, and just got another that is pretty timid. Then my older Cranwelli has never shown much aggression, but the baby I adopted just a few days ago has already tried biting me a couple times during feeding. So again, I would say it's mostly based on the frogs individual personality.

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    yea i thought so...just got a new baby ornate that is kinda timid....and i have a albino that is pretty agressive lol guess its all in the personailty of the frog u get then...thanks for your input

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