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Thread: WTF after quarantine

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    Default WTF after quarantine

    Hello everyone! I am new to this forum and I'd like to ask a few questions, please help...

    I've got two blue-eyed white's tree frogs (litoria caerulea). Dory is the biggest average 4,3cm (1,69'') and Ruto is average 3,5cm (1,37'').

    Recently I got two new blue phase white's tree frogs (litoria caerulea). Riki is the smallest average 2,9cm (1,14'') and Koda is average 3,2cm (1,25'').
    I've got the new frogs in quarantine at the moment, but I am worried are they big enough to be with the old ones after the quarantine? I definitely don't want them to be eaten or bullied by the old frogs.

    Also how do I proceed after the quarantine time?
    Do I need to introduce them to each other somehow?
    Should I place the new ones next to the old ones or as far away as possible (and let them get to know each other by themselves)?
    Should I do this during night when frogs are more active or "secretly" at daytime when the old ones are asleep?

    Thank you very much for replies
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    Default Re: WTF after quarantine

    Hi, sorry nobody replied yet.

    Provided you do quarantine properly and everybody is healthy, pooping, eating okay and have negative fecals.

    General rule, if you think the size is not right for introducing, then it's most likely the true, trust your instincts and proceed when you think the size feels right. It doesn't matter how you introduce them, but you should watch for aggression, bullying, etc for a few first days.
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