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Thread: hello i have dartfrogs

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    Default hello i have dartfrogs

    hello i have dartfrogs and i was just wanting to know, what are some good vine palnts that look cool, and im wanting the plants to calim on the backround of my tank if any one has any ideas that would be great thanks

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    Default Re: hello i have dartfrogs

    Well...... the list is very, very long
    Below are some links to get you started (NOT in any order of preference )
    It's best to read the description of each and every plant; this will help you learn more about them and find those that will vine.

    New England Herpetoculture LLC - Vines & Trailing Plants

    Plants for Container Gardening - Live Plants

    Vivariums In The Mist - Custom Vivarium and Displays

    ...for Dart Frog Habitats

    Current Collection
    Dendrobates leucomelas - standard morph
    Dendrobates auratus “Costa Rican Green Black"
    Dendrobates auratus "Pena Blanca"
    Dendrobates tinctorius “New River”
    Dendrobates tinctorius "Green Sipaliwini"
    Dendrobates tinctorius “Powder Blue"
    Dendrobates tinctorius "French Guiana Dwarf Cobalt"

    Phyllobates terribilis “Mint”
    Phyllobates terribilis "Orange"
    Phyllobates bicolor "Uraba"

    Oophaga pumilio "Black Jeans"
    Oophaga pumilio "Isla Popa"
    Oophaga pumilio "Bastimentos"
    Oophaga pumilio “Mimbitimbi”
    Oophaga pumilio "Rio Colubre"
    Oophaga pumilio "Red Frog Beach”
    Oophaga pumilio "Rio Branco"
    Oophaga pumilio “Valle del Rey”
    Oophaga pumilio "BriBri"
    Oophaga pumilio "El Dorado"
    Oophaga pumilio "Cristobal"
    Oophaga pumilio "Rambala"

    Oophaga “Vicentei” (blue)

    Oophaga sylvatica "Paru"
    Oophaga sylvatica "Pata Blanca"
    Oophaga histrionica “Redhead”
    Oophaga histrionica "Blue"
    Oophaga lehmanni "Red"
    Oophaga histrionica "Tado"

    Ranitomeya variabilis "Southern"
    Ranitomeya imitator "Varadero"
    Ranitomeya sirensis "Lower Ucayali"
    Ranitomeya vanzolinii

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    Default Re: hello i have dartfrogs


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