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Thread: African Dwarf Frog Diet

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    Default African Dwarf Frog Diet

    I'm planning to get some African Dwarf Frogs soon (after their tank is done with a fishless cycle) and am trying to decide what food to get them.

    I originally was thinking bloodworms, but I've heard those can cause bloat, so have decided to avoid them. What frozen alternatives are there out there that won't cause bloat or other issues, and that would be nutritious? I'd like to have a few varieties of frozen food for them.

    I also have two pellet foods (Reptomin Frog Sinking Granules and əlive Frog and Tadpole Bites) to ensure they get all the vitamins and minerals they need, but I'm hoping for their staple diet to be mostly natural frozen foods. I do have some Brine Shrimp and Glassworms already. Are those healthy foods, or could they also have bloating or other issues? If they won't work, I'd really want to get more, and even if they could work I want a bit more variety than just two frozen foods, so I still need ideas for other good ones.

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    Default Re: African Dwarf Frog Diet

    Frozen Mysis shrimp and spirulina enriched brine are good staples. I also had my frogs eating other things like frozen glass worms, frozen daphnia, and New Life Spectrum pellets.

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