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Thread: Uh Oh... Toad Trouble?

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    Exclamation Uh Oh... Toad Trouble?

    Something has been up with one of my Firebelly Toads, Aleksis, for the two or so months. In between the time I introduced Dimitri to the tank and when I introduced Rosa to the tank, Aleksis has been acting irregularly. He seems like he wants to escape the tank, and has grown afraid of me, whilst before he had a tough, alpha male attitude. Over the past month, however, he's become noticeably smaller in terms of fat. This could be stress related due to the fact I had to clean the filter, which may have frightened him since he hadn't seen me do it before, but I don't think that's it. I've also considered it to be to do with Dimitri's introduction to the tank or the season, but that doesn't seem right either. He also has a little more difficulty catching his prey than the other toads do.

    However, I've been feeding him especially well recently, and he is regaining some of the lost weight for certain. Nonetheless, I'm considering quarantining him and getting a fecal done. What do you guys think?

    I'm also considering changing my brand of vitamin dusting since Levi is showing signs of the beginning of Short Tongue Syndrome, as although he is usually deadly accurate with his tongue, once or twice I've seen it extend only halfway out of his mouth in the past couple of weeks despite the fact I give all the frogs Vitamin Dusted crickets weekly, with perhaps a little more dusting than there should be on the crickets. Could this be related to the problem?

    On a sidenote, Bumpy and the rest of the frogs are doing great. Sasha and Dimitri are both big and very plump now, and Rosa is bulking up and growing steadily.
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    Default Re: Uh Oh... Toad Trouble?

    If you have a small little plastic container or cricket keeper you could put Aleksis in it when it is feeding time and watch him to make sure he eats the crickets. That way he will get the food all to himself.

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    Might as well gutload your crickets with carrots, pitanga fruits, pumpkins, watermelons to boost the level of Vit.A/Beta Carotene that your feeder can provide to your frogs. Short-tongue syndrome is reversible but can take a long time and should not be rushed since they can OD on Vit.A/Beta Carotene. Good luck and hope he gets better

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