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Thread: Need advice for toads feeding

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    Default Need advice for toads feeding

    Hey guys, I have had this cane toad for about a year and it is very reluctant to eat. I had it in a 75 gallon tank with another cane toad but I decided to split the tank with a sheet of acrylic. I have tried to feed him worms, dubias, mealworms, fuzzies, and crickets. I have tried tong feeding, feeding in a separate container, and I put a glass dish with some food in it, none of these approaches work. He eats one large dubia every few days when i hold it in front of him and rub it on his lips but after one dubia roach he loses interest in eating. Also, he seems to poop in the water every night. I understand cane toads in general aren't very active. But I am worried that he isn't eating enough. Is there anything I can do to help his appetite grow?

    Thanks in advance,

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    How big is your cane toad and how old is it? Also can you post pictures of it and the cage? It could be stressed from the other cane toad.

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    He is about 5'' svl and I got him from a reptile show a year ago, I would say he is 3 years of age. He is the toad on the right. (Generally I have the log under the fake plant but I was cleaning some stray roaches out)
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