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    Well i have 6 toads set up in a 20L vivarium and one seems to have come down with an illness.
    there's no visual signs except lethargy and hes literally laying in the soil part of the tank. he seems a little waterlogged almost to be honest.
    i believe this came about when i had to temporarily house the frogs in small containers because the tank needed to be re-siliconed due to a leak.
    the other frogs dont seem to be showing any symptoms but should i remove the sick frog and quarantine him, and what kind of set up should this quarintine be?
    any ideas on how to help him get better?
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    Paul Rust

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    He is likely suffering from stress. A quarantine setup is merely a small replica of the main habitat and the same envoronmental conditions should be present. Move him into quarantine and use the guide below to help take care of him. Good luck.

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    are these symptoms of any disease that anyones aware about?

    and thank you ill set up a quarantine for now

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    Unfortunately, those are symptoms of a lot of diseases. Not being a vet I cannot tell you which you are dealing with.

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    i quarantined, but my frog has passed. I'm not sure what caused it, most likely stress. fortunately no other frogs have so far acted with these symptoms. thanks everyone for you help and information.

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    Paul Rust

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    Oh no! I'm sorry you lost the little guy. I'm glad to hear that the rest are doing well.

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    Sorry for your loss.

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    Im so sorry for your loss .

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