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    Talking My FBT setup

    so i did two attempts at this an have pics of both so here they go
    first the supplies u need are:
    Attachment 1463
    Attachment 1464
    Attachment 1465
    Attachment 1467
    Attachment 1469
    Attachment 1468
    Attachment 1466
    the first time I used styrofoam to divide the land and water area....BAD idea. I did not realize with dirt and rocks on top it would still float so it resulted in the front falling apart and I had to redo everything after I cleaned the tank out but here is what it looked like before it messed up
    first i washed the hydroballs off like ur supposed to then i added them on the side that i used for land like thisAttachment 1466 I then used mesh cloth that I got from dollar tree Attachment 1468 it was a hanging organized but I cut it to size and cut the plastic off and washed it to make sure nothin harmful was on it then i added the eco earth
    Attachment 1470 i then put the frog moss in place where I wanted it Attachment 1471 after that i put some of the pollished stones I got from dollar tree on the edge to make sure it was weighed down Attachment 1472 I also used this plastic drop cloth (I think thats what its called) I got from dollar tree as well, I used a piece as the creek liner and added some rocks to hold it down plus make it look a lil more attractiveAttachment 1473 and here it is running perfectly Attachment 1474 unfortunately a lil while later as i was tryin to fix the tube because it came off the pump the dirt moved the styrofoam and it all callapsed. So I went down to the creek beside my apartment and gathered some nice rocks and put them in a deep boiler and boiled them for about 30 min or a lil longer as i had to clean the tank and gravel from the dirt but afterwards i set the two nicest rocks like this along with the hydro balls and mesh cloth Name:  set upwit rocks.jpg
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Size:  39.1 KB then I added the dirt after I approved how i liked it and set up the creek and frog moss and here are the finished picture, I think it looks better Name:  finished1.jpg
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Size:  27.8 KBName:  finished2.jpg
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Size:  38.3 KBName:  finished3.jpg
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Size:  36.5 KB sorry about it being blurry, it didnt look like that when I took the pic

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    well aparently you have to click on each attatchment to see the pics but ill post them in my albums so u can see them there to

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