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Thread: New Dendrobates Terrarium

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    Default New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Hello everyone!

    I'm starting a project for Dendrobates.

    The terrarium is a craftsman (I buy and stick crystals) 45 x 45 x 60 cm. (Length x width x height)

    With guillotine door, with mosquito maya under the door, and the top of the terrarium another opening with mosquito net maya too.

    The fund will be polyurethane, with brown silicone and coco fiber bonded with some detail of cork or branch. And of course a few plants to finish: D

    The espandida clay soil, with its thermal cable with some coir and moss (No double funding for waterfalls ... I already have one so small and mp .... Remove the pump every few minutes I do not like Sad lol)

    The light will be two bulbs, each 23w white light, with a home screen shows a cake pan ... (If that happens, you have to be crafty lol: P)

    The system of rain'm aver if I find one cheap, but I plan to put it ... it's as comfortable.

    And of course, a thermostat, to completely control temperature, digital hygrometer hope to catch it.

    I think I left nothing, if I miss something, please immediately comentarmelo Wink

    Some photos of the materials, what bothers me is that even the least I will not have Wednesday crystals and pus start building.

    Regards and thanks!

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Here the invention of the light system who uses.

    2 sylvania bulbs 23w each, I hope this light needs are covered.

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    New photos mount

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Hello everyone, this story as the terrarium.

    I changed one thing, the door. There will Guillotine (was heavy), will slide and be two, and I'll show you.

    I have started doing the background, two corks and stick to this by putting a time this means mounted dry. I do not want to load the background a lot of things, whether it be filled with plants jiji {:-D

    And also echo artisanal thermal blanket with a heating cable, although the cable is fine, has plenty of power!

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Well, using the time to give me the few holidays left me lol

    And since I get to work and well, I leave the progress as it goes, and I still little.

    Tomorrow I will have the doors, the glass tops and start cleaning the floor well and add: D

    I did not want to put much food on the bottom because I prefer space for plants, but still see it still very very bland ... I hope to have another color to plants, pun intended!

    Some photos

    A greeting!

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Background looks really good! Cant wait to see how the door turns out and what plants you put in here! What type of Dendrobates are you looking to get?
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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Thanks, I hope to finish the door today. I want to keep some land in the beginning (or D.auratus D.tinctorius) And later, if possible, some arboreal.
    A greeting

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    More shot

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium

    Looks awesome!
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    Default Re: New Dendrobates Terrarium


    Look a new change

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