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Thread: Pacman not eating, staying burrowed.

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    Default Pacman not eating, staying burrowed.

    Hey guys, I'm not sure what my little buddy is doing. He's been staying under ground now and hasn't ate for over a week. Before he was eating 3-5 crickets every other day. I finally decided to bother him and pull him out to see if he was okay today. His eye looked a little weird and when he's under ground I can see his eyes are half closed so I was worried he had something wrong with them. I rubbed the dirt off to get a better look and it appears he is shedding, he's also changed color. Is he sick or is this what they do sometimes? I don't know if I should force feed him or leave him be. My temps were about 75 in there and the humidity has always been between 60-80 since I'm in florida and mist a couple times a day. I know it was kinda cold so I went out today and bought a new heating pad for a 50 gal. tank even though he's in a 10 gal, I figure if it gets to hot I can turn it off at night. The first pic is new, the second is of about 6 months ago, he was a darker green. He doesn't look under-weight, just a different color now.

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    Default Re: Pacman not eating, staying burrowed.

    It got cooler so he figured it is fall and time to get ready for winter, they do that at that time of the year, not eastivating, just resting. It is normal. They sleep with their eyes half closed. Also as they get older they eat less frequent. Mine can go every 2-3 weeks at that time of the year, if they got lucky and one of the snakes refused mice, then they'd go even longer then that.

    at 6 months he should be close to his adult size and just crickets are not enough, you should move to nightcrawlers. Just watch him for anything out of ordinary, if looks healthy, less frequent but eats, poops, all is good.
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