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    das boot

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    I have an ACF that I adopted over a year ago. Recently her tank was damaged and I had to very quickly get her into a temporary container (about 1.5 gallons) that I use when I clean her tank. It took me a week to find a new tank, and another two days to get everything setup and water temp, etc... at the proper levels. So she spent about 9 days total in a small container with no filter, etc...

    I noticed that her right eye is injured by what looks like a cut (possibly from a piece of broken glass), and is very red. I can't really see her very well in my temp "tank," and just noticed this today when I got her into the new tank. I'm not really sure what I should do here. I don't want her to get sick or something, but I am really tight on money and can't afford a visit to a vet. It does have me worried though.

    She is displaying normal habits. Eating, swimming, etc... Other than her eye, she appears to be her usual self.
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    Tongue Flicker

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    Hi welcome aboard, she looks normal on the 2 photos but the last one, it appears she has a serious eye injury. It doesnt appear to be bleeding though. ACFs in general are a fast regenerating specie when it comes to injuries and lost body parts. Just keep her well-fed and her water in optimum water condition and wait for a few days to see if she has healed this injury

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    das boot

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    Thanks for the words of comfort. I hope she gets better soon!

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