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Thread: Green/White's Tree Frog Help - bloated

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    Default Green/White's Tree Frog Help - bloated

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a new member and unfortunately my first posting is asking for some advice about my new frogs. I am a first time frog owner but have experience with aquariums.
    I have had my three Green Tree Frogs (also called White's I think) for just over a week. They are all juveniles and about 5cm long.
    I am worried because one of them (Borris) is a bit bloated. He/she looked fine until a couple of days ago it looked like there was a bit of bloating around the belly.

    So I did some research and it sounded like it might be having trouble passing a poo. (I stumbled across this forum and found some helpful information in threads - thanks guys). So I have tried soaking/bathing the frog in warm water (dechlorinated) for 20 mins the last 2 days and today. The first time I did it I stupidly bathed all 3 frogs together (as I thought it might be beneficial to the other two as well because I have not found many poos in their tank) and one did a poo - but I don't know which frog it belonged to, silly me. So the next two baths I have bathed them individually, but there has not been any poos passed.

    So I am just after some advice for what I should do and if anyone can tell from my photo what might be wrong with my frog. I live in a small town so it isn't possible to take him to a vet that is knowledgeable about frogs.

    Some other information that might be helpful is that I don't have gravel as substrate in my tank so that couldn't cause an impaction. I am just wondering if I over-fed them a bit the first few days. I have been feeding small crickets but now I'm worried that a couple of the crickets might have been a teeny bit too large.

    I appreciate any input you may have. Let me know if there is more information I need to give. Sorry it is all probably a bit jumbled.

    Cheers everyone!
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    Default Re: Green/White's Tree Frog Help - bloated

    Slightly too large crickets shouldn't cause impaction. It may just be from the heavy feeding, it looks as if that guy was a little too skinny before coming into your care. Here is a great care sheet for you to look over - Frog Forum - White's Tree Frog Care - Litoria caerulea

    Please cut and paste the questionnaire and answer all the questions. That should be able to help us out a lot. Being new frogs, you will want to get them fecal tested.


    1----what 'kind' of frog is it ( what species)
    2----please include a photo of the frog
    3----Please include a photo of the frog's current enclosure
    4----size of enclosure ( W" x D" x H" )
    5----# on inhabitants - ( if there is another frog --- is there a size difference ? )
    6----has or was the frog kept with a different species or with any other tank mate
    7----is there a new tank mate----was the new tank mate quarantined
    8----what is the typical humidity level
    9----what temperature is maintained
    10---what is, specifically, being used to maintain the temperature of the enclosure
    11---describe the enclosure lighting ( very specifically)
    12---describe enclosure maintenance ( water changes, cleaning etc)
    13---what kind of water is used
    -----for misting
    -----for the frog's soaking dish
    -----is de-chlorinator used / what brand
    14---material(s) used for substrate - be very specific
    15---enclosure set up:
    -----if recent - describe how the enclosure was cleaned
    -----plants( live or artificial) if artificial plants are used are they plastic or fabric
    -----describe wood, bark , and background materials
    16---when is the last time the frog ate
    17---have you found poop lately
    18---how often is the frog fed
    19---what size feeder is given
    20---what other feeders are used as treats
    21---what is the frog's main food source
    22---do feeders roam free in the enclosure or is the frog bowl fed
    23---vitamins - what brand and how often
    24---calcium - what brand and how often
    25---was the frog without calcium for any period of time
    26---approximate age of the frog
    27---how long have you owned the frog
    28---who cared for the frog before you
    29---is the frog wild caught or captive bred
    30---how often the frog is handled -- are gloves used ( what kind of gloves)
    31---is the enclosure kept in a high or low traffic area
    30---has or was the frog properly quarantined (yes or no)
    -----for how long
    32---has the frog been treated with any medication:
    -----for what
    -----name of medication
    -----for how long
    -----what dose
    -----was medication prescribed by a herp vet
    2.0.3 Hyla versicolor "Eastern Gray Tree Frogs"
    2.2.0 Agalychnis callidryas "Red Eyed Tree Frogs"

    0.0.3 Dendrobates auratus "Turquoise and Bronze"
    0.0.1 Anaxyrus fowleri "Fowler's Toad"

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    Default Re: Green/White's Tree Frog Help - bloated

    Hi Amy,

    Thank you for your fast reply and for the link to the care sheet. It is good to know that the slightly too large crickets won't cause an impaction.

    I won't fill in the questionnaire at this stage because I have just checked my frogs this morning and the one I was worried about doesn't look bloated any more (thank goodness!). I think I am being overly cautious with them! Thanks for the questionnaire though, I can see that it would be helpful and I will definitely fill it in if I have a problem in the future.

    I also emailed the breeder I bought them from and she thinks I need to increase the amount I'm feeding them (they do look a little bit scrawnier than the day I first got them and I hadn't fed them as much the last few days since I was worried about the bloating). She also said I need to increase the temp as it's been 23-26 and increasing should help them feed. The heater I'm using is an aquarium heater in the water, and it doesn't seem to be keeping the temp stable enough so I have ordered a heat mat and thermostat that will arrive tomorrow.

    Thanks again for your reply!

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