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    Default New Owner/ID frogs

    So I became a frog owner kind of against my own will but I am slowly finding my way back to my tomboy days and enjoying it! My boyfriend brought back a tadpole from hiking and my 4 year old son was immediately interested in watching it grow... well fast forward 3 weeks and it is a froglet and dies. I have already killed a beta so I cannot let the little one know I have killed yet another small pet. So while he was away for the weekend, I went to petsmart and purchased a small frog... and went to a second petsmart to purchase a friend for it. Worked like a charm and my son is happy as ever.

    I had no idea what I was getting myself into but it has turned out pretty interesting thus far. I came home to my son yelling "MOMMY, THE FROGS ARE FIGHTING!" Mind you when I bought these I had no idea about sexing them or anything.

    I am interested in what the apparent female (started out Sampson, now known as Sammy) is. I have yet to come across any tree frogs that look like her while doing my research. Can anyone help me ID maybe what type of tree frogs they are? Jackson, the male, turns into the palest green color at different times and then others he is this dark green color. He was injured at some point into time as well as he has two faded scars on his back. Sammy never changes colors and has these black specks all over her back.

    They are very happy and healthy and that is what matters the most I guess. They always are close together and they call out at night. I have a 20 gal tank and feed them crickets and fruit flies. I have a basking light and a UVB light. I am starting to think about converting the tank into a vertical one.

    One thing I have yet to figure out is keeping the temperature from dropping too low as my house is getting colder with the start of fall. Should I look into a tank heater?

    I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS! I feel like I cannot read enough of the forums and there isn't anyone I have found to ask face to face here in Utah
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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    Congrats on your new frogs!
    Did you ask at pet smart where you bought them what type they are? I can't tell what type frog from the picture, but there are probably some here in the forums that can
    Basking light and UVB lights are probably a bad idea until you know for sure what type frogs they are. Most frogs can be harmed by UVB rays, although there are some that benifit from it. Natural Spectrum lighting is better for amphibians.

    What is there tank like? do you have water available for them? It looks as if you have good hiding/climbing spots for them, but make sure they at least have a small pond for a water source.
    crickets and fruit flies are a good staple diet - you should be dusting them with a vitamin/calcium supplement every few feedings. Your local pet store will probably have something availible

    Its hard to know what the temperature should be if you don't know what kind of frogs these are. Most species do well with a 5-10 degree drop at nights, so depending on your temperatures, they may be ok without one

    good luck!
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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    I looked at the receipts from both purchases and they are just "green tree frogs". I went back to the one store and looked at the tank and other frogs there and the manager told me those are "white tree frogs". I remember when I purchased Sammy how large all the frogs were and chose her because she was the smallest.

    I've had them two months now and they are thriving. They eat about 3-4 crickets each daily, dusted, and have a small soaking pool of water. I have fake vines with maple branches and several large rocks. The substrate is the packed coco stuff and moss from petsmart. They both like to hang out on the rocks under the lights, sometimes under the larger leaves, other times directly under the double dome.

    I mist them once or twice a day. The temp in my home has been dropping resulting in their tank being 65 some mornings. I figured I need an infrared light to keep the temp a bit more steady.

    Honestly, like I said they seem like they are fine but I am a nervous noob.

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    If those are white's tree frogs then the temp needs to be around 80 during the day and 75 at night. Full spectrum light (like an exo terra 5) and around 50-60% humidity. They don't really look like White's though.. It might just be the pics.. Hopefully someone else that is a pro at this can help you.

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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    Those are American Green Tree frogs. You can tell from the white line in the side of their head. Not whites.

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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    Agreed with Eli. Their definitely AGTFs. It just goes to show how inexperienced chain pet stores can be. A White's would be much larger, and typically more wrinkled. Congrats on the frogs, btw. I own one myself, and they're pretty amazing
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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    I am pretty sure the store has many employees that just don't know >.< Not their fault.

    I'm happy with them. I bought a new zilla terrarium and a heat emitter. I need a new single dome for the uvb light. I've decided to keep it.

    As soon as I put them in their cage, the were eating right from my finger tips. They weren't even phased by the transition.

    I think the coolest thing about the both of them is that I can hand feed them. The male is crazy and doesn't like to be handled but the minute I have a cricket in my fingers he doesn't move a single bit. The female will tolerate being held and also eats as soon as I offer it to her.
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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    Grats on your new frogs! It is very addictive lol.

    If you haven't read it already here is a care article for your frogs.

    Removed - Didn't read carefully thought that was a green care article. My bad.

    if you have already read it than just pretend all I did was stop by to say Hi and Nice frogs

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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    Definitely not a whites. I'm glad that they are happy and healthy! Oh and welcome to the forums!

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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    You know I found some of the gray frog information and pictures earlier. The thing with Sammy is, she is smooth, even her freckles. Which, BTW, is that normal? None of the tree frogs I found look like her, except a Squirrel tree frog. But what do I know? I am new at this

    Here is a few pictures of the new set up tonight. Name:  20141016_204503[1].jpg
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    Default Re: New Owner/ID frogs

    Here's a care sheet from the 'proposal' section

    Quote Originally Posted by maverik View Post
    The thing with Sammy is, she is smooth, even her freckles. Which, BTW, is that normal?
    Some Hyla cinerea end up with spots, and they are somewhat smooth- the bumps are very fine and uniform. Much smoother than H. versicolor or H. chrysoscelis.​ Yours both seem to have the light stripe down the side, which should rule out Squirrel Treefrog.

    Quote Originally Posted by maverik View Post
    ...They always are close together and they call out at night....
    If you've seen them both call, then they're both male. Males aren't so discriminating on what they grab onto

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