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Thread: This is why I don't like Grow-A-Frog...

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    Default This is why I don't like Grow-A-Frog...

    I pop on craigslist from time to time to check for anyone rehoming frogs. I usually post an add every couple months too saying that I'm willing to adopt unwanted frogs. It's not that I'm really looking to get any new ACFs, but it seems like people are constantly getting rid of these guys.
    A couple months ago someone emailed me and asked me to take two ACFs. One was FOURTEEN the other was TWELVE!!! Not sure how you decide to give up your pet after all that time, but I accepted the frogs without asking too many questions. They were really healthy actually and I added them to an existing tank with another frog after 2 weeks of quarantine.

    Today I was on craigslist and came across this really sad ad for an ACF. Well actually they are calling it an ADF. This is why I have a problem with Grow-A-Frog. They give out misleading or incorrect information. Grow-A-Frog does indeed recommend that adult frogs be upgraded to 10 gallon tanks eventually, but this info is barely mentioned. This is a full grown female ACF living in less than a half gallon grow a frog cube. Sickening.
    Here's the link: Grow-A-Frog needs a new home
    And the photo (for people seeing this post after the link is removed)
    Name:  00v0v_dIaybrUZgPp_600x450.jpg
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Size:  18.1 KB I can't believe a person could look at this and think this is okay.

    I sent them a nice email (since the person with the frog is just trying to help after it's "owner" left it behind) offering to take it. But Baltimore is a couple hours away from me. Hopefully they would be willing to help with transport.
    Is there anyone closer who is interested in adopting the frog? Or helping with transport?

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    Default Re: This is why I don't like Grow-A-Frog...

    That is very sad I hope that you can find a nice home for them!

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    Default Re: This is why I don't like Grow-A-Frog...

    That is very sad. I do not live anywhere close to the area, or I'd help out.
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